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[24 Dec 2004|01:04am]

hm...havent used this thing in a while eh? I suppose all our underground activities will have to wait until AFTER we get into college...
2 corpses Shinde, yo!

[10 Jun 2004|02:59pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Summer is here...
Umm, i've basically lost my train of thought completely...but, erm...Don't we have some business to tend to? I mean... I know I have some shrimp and avacadoes which need tending to...
C2... I think we can capture prospective victims for OPERATION:BLACKMARKET B15H0UN3N as they ready themselves for the yaoi con bishounen auciton... mwahahahaha...

... alright, need something to do...

2 corpses Shinde, yo!

first order of business delay [17 May 2004|12:27am]

let's put off first order of business til after the evil evil evil cursed damned SAT2s are over.

unless our first order is to destroy them damn tests.

and of course, i must have my qe icon since po hates em >=]
Shinde, yo!

[05 Apr 2004|03:51pm]

are we ready to set our first order of business.
Shinde, yo!

*sings* Beauty's where you find it...not just where you bump and grind it [29 Mar 2004|09:35am]

Never mind the subject, people!
Now that the SAT 1 is over we may rejoice and not think about it until results are out! so yes...
i think we need some kind of rite of initiation, yeah?
oh yes, and more importantly...we need to define the role of white_rose_oni
yes yes yes.
erm... i feel like an uber dork now...*prances off*
2 corpses Shinde, yo!

[10 Mar 2004|11:24am]

[ mood | bwqaaa ahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA ]

at any rate my friends whats our first line of business.

3 corpses Shinde, yo!

[05 Mar 2004|06:55pm]

Right right, so people I would like to introduce you to welcome white_rose_oni who showed interest in C2's operation blackmarket b15h0un3n... erm, yes. Warm welcomes blah blah blah. Position suggestions for the Newbie...
(c2 you should be doing this, I have no idea what Im doing...)
1 corpse Shinde, yo!

[05 Mar 2004|06:19pm]

i have to go thr9ugh and read but hey i'll do it later cuz we gatta leave for the con. love yall.
Shinde, yo!

BEHOLD! Yet another marvel...or not [02 Mar 2004|08:21pm]

[ mood | Spazzy ]

I have added the profiley things in the community info. Yes yes.
and now... project BLACKMARKET_B15H0UN3N... *cackles maniacally*

praps this calls for a cheesey website...

Shinde, yo!

[24 Feb 2004|08:09am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

BTW...show your pride... I made a crap ass banner (which is currently in the comm. profile)
*groan* need... caffeine...

Shinde, yo!

[16 Feb 2004|09:23pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, so I REFUSE to let this community DIE.
So here are the standings for things.

Bteph- head of worrying, evil plotting, gadget purchasing, and public relations, mercilessly critiquing things and charity donations
C2 head of Drug Trafficing, pimp in training, cutedom, covert candy exchange, tattoo design, killer baked goods and curbside water gunning
Doo head of vampirism, bullet-dodging, mullets, white full length coats, bad hair pieces, general sexyness and queerdom
ME head of Pimping and swordness

any objections or other things, comment, I (most likely) wont kill you.

and we STILL need kick ass names!
3 corpses Shinde, yo!

w007, ph34r my m4d 5k1llz [10 Feb 2004|08:06pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Right, so I spruced up the community (YEAAAY!)
and now that Ive speant so much of my precious time setting things up, by golly POST!

Shinde, yo!

[09 Feb 2004|09:23pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

*pokes everyone*
wake up!
Start scheming!!!
or at least appoint people....
I appoint C2 (damn we need cool ass yakuza names) as head of drug trafficing.

get those rears in gear. *digs whip out of closet*

8 corpses Shinde, yo!

[05 Feb 2004|11:57pm]

Nonono steph, when you throw them, they can go thru walls, but conviently soft enough foryou to eat if you get hungry (don't ask me how it works, it just does...the nutritionist isn't telling me how it works...yet.).
Shinde, yo!

[04 Feb 2004|08:26pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Alright everyone
We need to figure at cool ass names for ourselves... erm, considering I have no real idea what are some cool names Ill just sift to the back of the room...

Shinde, yo!

[04 Feb 2004|11:38am]

[ mood | sick ]


the real

...i think we need to discuss plans for the illegal blueberry muffin trade.

2 corpses Shinde, yo!

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